Infrared Sauna Offering

Single Visit Infrared Sauna

30mins $ 40.00

45mins $ 50.00

60mins $ 60.00

5 Visit Infrared Sauna Pass

5 x 30mins $175.00

5 x 45mins $220.00

5 x 60mins $265.00

(Valid for 3 months from date of purchase)

10 Visit Infrared Sauna Pass

10 x 30mins $300.00

10 x 45mins $380.00

10 x 60mins $450.00

(Valid for 3 months from date of purchase)

20 Visit Infrared Sauna Pass

20 x 30mins $500.00

20 x 45mins $600.00

20 x 60mins $700.00

(Valid for 4 months from date of purchase)

Please note multi-visit passes can only be used by the individual who purchased the pass and are not able to be redeemed by a third party.

Benefits you may experience in our NEW Sanctuary Full-Spectrum Infrared Sauna include:

* Supports weight loss (burn up to 600 calories in one visit!)

* Increased metabolism

* Soothes sore muscles

* Supports Immune Function

* Detoxification and purification

* Improves appearance of cellulite

* Eases joint pain and stiffness

* Stress and fatigue reduction

* Improved skin tone and elasticity

* Improves general function of organs and body systems

* Chromotherapy (colour light therapy)

The use of infrared saunas may have many health benefits; however, it is important that if you have any questions regarding your medical conditions, please refer to your health care practitioner before booking your session. We are not able to provide medical advice.

* The use of drugs, medication or alcohol prior to or during the sauna session may lead to dizziness/unconsciousness and are strictly prohibited.

* In all situations, hydration is a requirement for sauna use. Drinking filtered water or even quality natural electrolyte replacement is recommended before and after sauna use. Dehydration will actually increase carbohydrate utilization and cause less fat to be burned for energy.

* Water bottles are not permitted in the sauna.

* Please discontinue use of the sauna if you feel light-headed, dizzy or heat exhausted.

* It is advised not to eat a heavy meal at least one to two hours prior to your sauna session to avoid any ill feelings.

* Clients using any medications are advised to consult a physician or pharmacist prior to booking a sauna session.

* Pregnancy and pace-makers are contraindicated, please consult your physician for advice.

* For your safety and to prevent against staining the wood and towels; Do not use any perfumes, chemicals or lotions prior to your sauna session and ensure you hair is free from sprays, gels and treatments. These items may block pores, affect perspiration and cause staining. If you had your hair recently dyed please ensure the colour will not run or bleed. Please do not wear self-tan, make-up or jewellery in the sauna. Fees apply for any towels damaged or wood stained during your session.

* In order to maintain a high level of hygiene at our establishment, please bring wire-free swimwear or clean loose fitting underwear to wear whilst in the sauna.

* Clean towels are provided for your sauna session as well as unlimited quality filtered natural alkalised mineral water.