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From Humble Beginnings!

When I sit back and reflect on where my business is today, some almost 5 years after taking the first timid step in deciding to 'give this massage thing a go' I just never imagined it would have been at the point that it is now.

It was the end of 2013 and I was working for a company whose way of operating didn't feel morally or ethically the 'right fit for me'. I'd applied for other jobs so that I could resign from this one, but none of my numerous applications were successful. It got me thinking, I need out of this situation, but how was I going to do it? I had financial commitments I was solely responsible for, I still needed a solid reliable income to meet all of them. Everyone has always said I should have my own business, but if I was to work for myself what would I do?

There was lots of apprehension and a real level of fearfulness if this idea to quit my full-time job and pursue something new in completely unchartered waters but felt better aligned with my values would actually work out OR would it just fail miserably?

So I took a gamble and quit my full-time job. I played with various names that I thought would best reflect the direction and focus I wanted to achieve for myself, business and my prospective clients.

Paperwork was lodged to register my Business name and ABN. Approval granted. Synergy Bodywork and Wellness - Living Life Well was born! Well on paper anyway.

I hung my few Massage Certificates and Association Registration on the wall and still barely 20% confident that my new venture would take off, I even asked a friend who made beautiful soy-wax candles if she would be kind enough to allow me to have some of her product on 'consignment' (which she was) as I really didn't think I could afford to spend any more money on additional stock items!

Early 2014 my website was created and launched, business cards printed, a quarter page ad placed in the local paper, linens sewn with LOVE by my supportive Mum, Massage table, towels, and oils purchased and here I was - open and ready for business. It's not been easy and took quite a while to build a solid client base. Over the years my business has grown and evolved many times over since inception.

I'm always looking for ways that challenge, expand and extend me in this lifetime and I can certainly say this chapter definitely has done that.

I have learn so much about myself through the whole process.

Is it how I imagined it would be? No way! It's so much different than I could have predicted. Reality is we can have a picture in our mind, but rarely do our projected expectations eventuate exactly as we envisioned/dreamed they would.

So if you are unsure whether of not to take the 'leap of faith' into unchartered waters to pursue a passion that will feed your being on all levels - my advise is YES you should. And the best thing you can do is really BELIEVE it will work - if you even if aren't entirely sure how.

Life really is short - Buy a ticket and go for the ride!

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