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✨ Happy Winter Solstice - A time of re-birth and renewal ✨

We are in such a dynamic time of change and growth right now. Many are feeling the depths of darkness, isolation and despair. Our daily experiences have been challenged in ways many of us have never known.

I have connected with clients in the last couple weeks who have had shared they have had a really tough time with life in the last couple months, I feel their pain as I too have had my own set of challenges to navigate over this time too. And it's still not over for many with the fear of uncertainty still casting a heavy shadow in the background.

But the light always follows the darkness; one can not exist without the other. Shadows can only be seen where there is light so the courageous act of stepping into the light is lifting the veil on consciousness.

We as a collective are at a monumental crossroads right now, the collective are awakening at their own level across all arenas.

Winter Solstice - Day of darkness is a perfect opportunity for reflection and diving into the abyss for deeper understanding and self-healing.

Observing the shadows in your light, and truth in the darkness will make way for unwavering conviction and clarity on your path of self discovery.

Many Blessings in this time of re-birth, renewal and your personal journey of awakening 💜🙏✨

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