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🌊 If it doesn't flow, let it go 🌊

So here I find myself on the last day of 2019, and reflecting it's certainly been a year of new adventure and challenge. Offering an ever evolving opportunity for me to move with flow, release control and also feel the courage to let go.

When do we know if we should 'hold on and try harder' as opposed to 'surrender and letting go'?

How can we determine the difference between 'obstacles' that need to be overcome as opposed to 'blocks' that are sent to us by the Universe (sometimes subtly and other times not), signalling to us that we need to choose another path.

Often it's really easy as humans to get caught up in our desires to accomplish our visions/goals/dreams/ideals. Don't get me wrong, this is a good quality to have on some level as it gets us from where we once were to where we are now. It keeps us in motion.

I have had numerous goals and aspirations in this lifetime, many of which I have been able to 'make happen' through committed perseverance, self-motivation and incredible tenacity but there has often been a cost associated with generating the energy needed to accomplish the said goal. Why? Well because I was often pushing hard against Universal resistance that was intentially doing its best to get my attention.

I would get so focused on the outcome I wanted that I would block out the whispers of the Universe along the way; I would ignore the feeling in my gut; the signs that were demanding to get my attention either trying to tell me there was an easier way to obtain the outcome I so desired or on the flip-side to tell me that what I thought I wanted wasn't really in my best interest. This can be related to employment opportunities, relationships, material purchases, pretty much anything that comes into all human life.

In the last couple of days an amazing opportunity came into my experience - an area which I have invested time, effort and energy into. I was excited when the offer arrived in my Inbox as this is something I wanted. However upon reading the email I noticed the opportunity (which incidentally offered potential for growth in various arenas) did not work with my current commitments. So what do I do now? Well, ten years ago, the 'old me' would have 'made it happen' at whatever cost it took.

However, as I am more aware of Universal Laws, I don't do that these days - I understand that when we are aligned with our purpose we should be getting more and more 'green lights' supporting us with smooth passage to 'go ahead' and pursue our path.

Had this email been the first obstacle, I possibly may have done my best to navigate around it, to change and negotiate things so that I could 'make it work' but the reality is for the last 6 months I have had one 'obstacle' after another whenever I have focused my energy in trying to move forward in this pursuit. When you start living with conscious awareness, you learn to observe and navigate these multiple 'obstacles' in a new way; that they are in fact 'blocking' you (to protect or re-direct you) for whatever reason to the destination - It doesn't matter if you change lanes or turn down other roads, you still keep getting red lights at every intersection you hit.

I took this last block as my final sign that it was now time to surrender this pursuit; for the time being anyway.

The energy wasn't in flow - it was time to let go.

And so I did - let it go. Now the space has opened up for whatever is meant to, flow in.

2020 - let see where you will take me!

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