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Inspired random writing - Byron Workshop 2015

This is a creatively inspired piece that I wrote whilst on Hawaiian Kahuna Massage training at the end of 2015 in Byron Bay. It involved a process of firstly flicking through magazines and noting down any images, colours and words that resonated with our subconscious.

We were advised not to 'think too hard and analyse' what jumped out at us, just to write them down, continue to the next page and repeat the process until we had gone thru the entire magazine. We were then asked to construct a story, piece or poetry etc with all the words we had selected, which let me tell you can seem very overwhelming to begin with as quite often the words appear to be extremely random and you sit there questioning:

How am I going to make something out of all this unrelated chaos?

It took some time, and the piece below is what evolved for me from this experience.

Being that Spring is here and represents a good time for cleansing, I thought it appropriate to share this piece with you all. Most of us focus on purifying our physical bodies but all too often overlook detoxing the emotional aspect of ourselves - which these days in my option is equally and possibly more valuable in contributing to our long-term health, happiness and wellbeing. 

So I suggest you take a couple of minutes to reflect on your current situation:

* Who do you surround yourself with on a regular basis - do they make you feel good, support and uplift you or do they make you feel crappy, undervalued and take your energy?

* Are you happy in your employment situation?

* How would you rate your emotional state? 

* How do you spend your free time? or perhaps the greater question is - do you actually have any free time?

* How you are you fuelling and nourishing your body?

* How would you rate your level of health and wellness?

* How well are all of your close relationships operating (friends and family)

* Do you view life as a continual chore with a pessimistic outlook or can you see the good stuff it has to offer with an optimistic mindset?

If during this process of answering these questions, you realise there are aspects that don't make you feel good DAILY, things you consider 'low-vibe' and 'negative' then I urge you to find ways to FUSH OUT, DETOX and do your best to TRANSFORM anything that is misaligned in your emotional self.

Remember if it's not supporting you - then its holding you back from being the best version of yourself. 

And the best version of YOU is ready and waiting for YOU to show up!



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