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Lava Shell Massage - First in Adelaide and SA!

✨FIRST IN ADELAIDE & SOUTH AUSTRALIA ✨ Jodie has recently undertaken training and is very proud to announce the addition of the extremely rare and unique LAVA SHELL MASSAGE to the current offerings at Synergy Bodywork. Considered by many as the ULTIMATE MASSAGE treatment, these natural Tiger-Striped Clam shells are the World's first self-heating massage tool!

What are the benefits of Lava Shell Massage? *Lava Shells can be used to treat a multitude of concerns for the client from easing aching muscles and joints to alleviating the suffering from IBS and bloating. *Due to the shells unique shape and angles they become an extension of the therapist’s hands, deploying deep therapeutic relief to where it is needed *Improves circulation, lymphatic system and general function of internal organs *Improves the appearance of the skin due to increased blood flow and skin cell renewal *Deeper Massage - the heat allows for a deeper therapy in a shorter amount of time *Lava Shells offer a seamless continual heat massage without losing touch time, therefore leading to a more effective and valuable massage. *Eco Friendly from start to finish, and all ingredients are 100% natural *The heating properties of the lava shells means the massage is more effective in relieving muscle tension and soreness as well as improved recovery times. * Lava Shells are a hygienic massage tool because they do not absorb bacteria or oil. *A truly natural therapy using genuine, natural materials and eco-friendly with no need for electricity.

Better for you and better for the environment!

If you are as excited as Jodie is about this new service, please email synergybodyworkandwellness@outlook.com or call her on 0403 583 430 to be one of the first to secure a LAVA SHELL MASSAGE booking!

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