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Lemon Bliss Balls

Taking advantage of all of the amazing zesty winter fruits before the season really grinds to a holt, I decided to whip up a couple of batches of bliss balls utilising fresh citrus and doTerra pure essential oils.

Ingredients (try use organic where


• 1 cup cashews • 1 cup desiccated coconut + extra for rolling • 1/4 melted cup coconut oil • 1/4 cup maple syrup or raw honey • 10-15 drops Lemon doTerra essential oil (very important you only use a food grade lemon oil, like doTerra) • 1/4 cup fresh lemon juice


• Add all ingredients into blender, food processor or thermomix and blitz until combined and smooth • Roll into balls and place in fridge to set. The mixture can be too soft to roll so pop it into the freezer to firm up a bit then rolled into balls. • Roll in extra desiccated coconut to dress • Keep stored in fridge



* Lime Bliss Balls - Substitute lemon juice and lemon oil for fresh lime juice and lime essential oil to make zesty lime bliss balls

* Wild Orange - And the same substitution with fresh orange juice and wild orange oil will give you delicate slightly sweet Bliss Balls ** Choc Orange - use fresh orange juice, wild orange oil and add 2-3 heaped teaspoons of raw organic cacao powder

Most of the ingredients you need to make this recipe are available from the Synergy Bodywork Wellness Hub, so please email synergybodyworkandwellness@outlook.com or call Jodie on 0403 583 430 for any of the ingredients that you require.

Feel free to post photos of your variation of this recipe to this page.

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