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Super Easy Chia Pudding

What's my favourite ready-to-go breakfast at the moment? It's Chia Pudding!

Easy to make, packed full of nutritional goodness and you can make up to 4 days in advance that will save you time and ensure you don't skip the most important meal of the day!


Ingredients 1 cup chia seeds (oganic where possible) 4 cups coconut or almond milk (I use my own homemade nut milks) 2-3 teaspoons pure vanilla essence 1 heaped teaspoon organic cinnamon powder. You can add 1/4 cup honey or maple to sweeten but I don't and that's why I add extra vanilla essence and cinnamon.

Method Put all ingredients (but not chia seeds) in blender and blend on high for 30seconds till well mixed and nice a frothy. Pour into a mixing bowl and add chia. Whisk to mix, keep stirring ever so often prevent mix from going lumpy until fully absorbed (may take up to an hour or two to absorb fully). Put in bowls or glasses and refrigerate overnight. Add your fav fruit to garnish.

It's that simple!! Enjoy xx

Most of the ingredients you need to make this recipe are available from the Synergy Bodywork Wellness Hub, so please email synergybodyworkandwellness@outlook.com or call Jodie on 0403 583 430 for any of the ingredients that you require.

Feel free to post photos of your variation of this recipe in the comments.

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