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What is Hawaiian Kahuna Bodywork?


Kahuna Bodywork is a unique holistic and healing style of massage. 

Kahu Abraham Kawai’i developed this style of bodywork from the concepts and moves of 'Lua' which is Hawaiian martial arts.

If you have never had Kahuna Bodywork before, it is unlike any other massage you will have ever experienced. It is a flowing style of massage with long continuous strokes, which helps the mind and body to relax and aids in the release of stress and tension.


Massage can also offer the recipient the following benefits:


* Increased blood flow and blood circulation

* Helps with the respiratory system

* Increases flexibility and improved mobility

* Eases pressure on the skeletal system and joints

* Assists in heightened mental alertness

* Helps prevent stress and stress related problems

* Regular massage can improve your overall feeling of wellbeing